What Are They Worth?

So, I periodically check around for "baseball cards" on Craigslist. Not much comes up but a couple of sets did pop up this week that got my interest and the seller mostly seems to know what he's advertising.

1. A 1977 Topps Baseball Complete Set (hand collated)
 - billed as "featuring Dale Murphy, Bruce Sutter + Andre Dawson's rookie"

2. A 1986 Fleer Update Baseball Set
- billed as "Barry Bonds Rookie card!!! Will Clark, Jose Canseco, John Kruk and Ruben Sierra Rookie cards."

3. A 1981 Kellogg's 3-D Baseball Super Stars set. "This is a classic set. Has tons of HOF players: Jackson, Palmer, Foster, Ryan, Schmidt, Brett, Rice, Murray, Perez, Winfield, Carew, Henderson, Morgan, Carlton, Molitor, Yastrzemski, Yount, Rose and more. You don't see sets like these too often!"

Hmmm, well, OK. My question to the more knowledgeable collector out there is what would you pay for such sets assuming they are as advertised (and in excellent condition).

(Yes, I know I could do the research myself but what fun is that?)


  1. The '77 set I'd go for $100. The '86 Update set, maybe $5. I saw glossy '87 Update sets sealed in tins going for $5, not that they're really special. Kelloggs? $10.

  2. Just for a data point, D - Wrigley Wax's monthly Topps sets sales analysis on the Bay of E showed $145 avg sale price for '77 in AUG (which is $15 > than trailing 12 mo. avg!)

    It all comes down to condition, though! The scans look pretty good above, with the exception of centering perhaps - but personally, my priorities are always corners and creases (lack thereof) before centering. You can always expect to find some needing replacement tucked into these collated sets, but that hunt can be kind of fun.

    Check the high dollar cards and if they're reasonable, I would say go for it! $100 is a good idea from Ryan above.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks guys. I went to the sale and picked up some goodies. I'll update that soon but for now wanted to thank you both for the insight. It proved invaluable!

  4. If you paid me I'd walk the '86 and '81 sets out to curb and put them in the trash for you.

    I think the $150 range is reasonable for the '77 set.


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