Sticker(s) Up (For Trade)

All right, I'll fess up. I've encouraged a few card bloggers who picked up packs of the oh-so-childish 2011 stickers to go right ahead and stick 'em in their books.

Easy for me to say; not so easy for me to do.

I amassed a decent collection of stickers in the waning years of my initial baseball card collecting phase. I didn't stick any of them. Not one. I felt it would ruin them. Here's a glimpse at my collection. There are many more if you're looking for them. Football stickers too!

Thinking about these old stickers gave me the urge to look for the new version Friday at Target. I bought three packs. Yeah, I just turned 43.

Here's what I have to trade - if you need them. I have a couple from the teams I collect but would be happy to get a few more (or anything from my want lists) - or feel free to suggest deals for your dupes should you see one here that you need.

Happy Laboring. Oh, and if you're looking for Bowman Platinum, may I direct you to yesterday's post.

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