The Bowman Platinum Exchange

I dabbled a bit with Bowman Platinum this year before deciding it would just be too pricey for me to chase with abandon. My wish now is to deal away a good portion of what I own - ideally for BP Reds, Tigers and Cubs of various base and parallels.

I own a handful of these already so jot me a note if you would like something below and have Reds, Tigers and Cubs and I'll let you know if I need what you have. Of course, other key items on my want list would gladly be accepted - such as the Heritage short prints. Just sayin'.

I like most of the color parallels, particularly the green.
But the red parallel I pulled of the player below also looks very sharp - much better in hand than this scan shows. For some reason, while it's quite red the scan skews purple.
Without further adieu, here is a long look at some available cards.

Happy Labor Day Weekend.


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  2. Dibs on the Angels! I have Aroldis Chapman Reds, Yonder Alonso Reds, and Justin Verlander Tigers to offer.

  3. Id take the Profar if available. I've got a purple Billy Hamilton (reds) and base of Chapman, Verlander, Castro, and Victor Martinez. Let me know what you think!


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