The Defiance Treasure, Part II

I just have to provide a link to this cool story from the local paper - a follow-up to the one from yesterday for those who missed it.

Defiance, Ohio, where these 100-plus-year-old cards were found, is about an hour away from me. So close, yet so very far.

Boggles my mind that this treasure of 700 cards likely sat in that attic untouched for a solid century.

Meanwhile, I still expect to soon begin posting about actual cards that I've added to my collection in the past two months - including a nice little prize I won from Topps! Having "liked" the company on Facebook, I left a comment for a giveaway and managed to win a random draw. Yay, me!

I also just got some sweet cards from Jeremy at No One's Going To Read This Blog. I had sat on a mailer for him for probably a little too long after I didn't get it out before a long vacation, but ultimately I sent it along. He responded very graciously. More later.

Thanks to the guys who commented yesterday. It was good to virtually see some familiar virtual faces. Kyle, I owe ya big time. My card blogging sabbatical came at the wrong time for you, so sorry about that.

Have a great night all. With everyone here tucked in, I'm off to the couch to watch Part V of The Pacific.


Hello Again + Family (Not Mine) Finds Cardboard Fortune

Hey there! Well, I'm still around and thanks again to those of you who checked in during my absence. No real reason, just seems I needed a breather. I did have a blast with my wife and daughter in Disney World. What a great place for a little girl.

Since starting this blog, I don't think I'd ever let more than a week pass without posting until the past two months. While I've still been keeping an eye on the hobby, I had scaled back purchases for a few months with nothing from 2012 grabbing my attention like what happened last year.

I did finally find myself with some free time on Sunday and thus headed to the local card show. I grabbed some nice vintage and finally picked up a key card I need as I get preciously close to completing 1976. I'll plan to post about some of my finds soon.

I hope to catch up on the blogs in the next few days - and find out, among other things, what folks are saying about A&G 2012. Meanwhile, if I've missed anything awesome in the past two months, please point me to it. Feel free to plug a specific post or two from your blog! Or, I reckon there's probably a new blog or two out there that I've missed.

For now, I'll leave you with this amazing story. I don't know if this is old news for the blog world today, but just in case, I thought it was more than worthy of posting. This town is about an hour or so away from me.

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