Sew Kind!

Last month, before moving, I shipped out my end of a deal to frequent trading partner SewingMachineGuy. Larry - the man behind the blog - has always been a generous trader.

I forgot the terms of the original deal. I remember I mailed his cards along with a batch of 10 or more trades in the days before we skedaddled to another state.  

A couple of days ago, my end of the deal arrived. I picked up the bubble mailer, saw the return address and thought "Oh yeah, just what was that deal?"

I carefully opened the mailer. And. I. Pulled. Out. This. Card. !!!.
Look at that!

I felt like I was 9 again and opening my very first packs. It was that kind of rush.

In short, this card was not part of the deal! What was he supposed to send? Who friggin' cares! This is a Hall of Famer. This is a Tiger. This is an on-card auto.

SMG also sent two other cards. A very nice-looking Austin Jackson, 2011 A&G style, and a great oddball Corn Flakes Tony Perez.

But let's return to George Kell for a second. Honestly, far too generous. But thank you again, most kindly.


Big Fun Over At Napkin Doon's Place

Yep, mark me down in favor of helping thy fellow blogger out in such an easy way.

Napkin Doon seems like a nice enough guy. Thus, check out his contest by clicking here. (On the word "here" for the technologically challenged. You see, doing so will send you off to Napkin's blog. Wow, how did you manage to get this far not knowing that?)

In any case, I've yet to virtually meet Mr. Napkin, but I truly enjoy checking out his blog.

Wrapper Redemption Cards: Four Out Of Five Ain't Bad

Before our big move last month, I finally mailed my Topps Series 1 wrappers for the much-ballyhooed redemption bonanza. I looked forward to the delivery that I expected once settled.

Today, a month later, they arrived.

It started off so well.

I'm a big Prince Fielder fan. I'm a closet Brewers fan what with Prince and Braun and Zack and with the history of Yount and the 70s and 80s gangs. Just something blue collar about the team - well, mostly the town - and that appeals to my sensibilities. Plus, while living in Chicago for 12 years, I made my way 90 minutes north on several occasions to take in a game.

Next came this guy. Just not a fan. Anyone who wants this in exchange for a different redemption card you may have, I'm taking offers.
This next guy is one of my favorite all-time Red Sox. Just have a lot of respect for what he's been through and his talents. All of that said, I realize many collectors would get a lot more joy from owning it. I'm seeking the Votto or M. Cabrera or Braun or Castro.
The fourth card in the package is yet another guy I was happy with - but, again, not quite as happy as I'd be to have found Votto, Braun, Cabrera or Castro.

And, finally, a major bummer to end the pack. Here it is:

Why a bummer? Not so much the player featured - one of the game's best. No, look closely, the scan doesn't quite pick it up the way it looks in person. Two big scratches across the front. Two. One on his chin. One across his face.
This is just my second encounter with damaged cards. The first involved a pack of Gypsy Queen I picked up months ago at Target. I opened the pack in the car, found three cards had been badly damaged, on a whim chose to walk back into the store - knowing they couldn't really do anything. In as polite a way as possible, I was told to take a hike - that kids are coming in all the time saying their cards are "damaged," asking for a replacement pack.

I was fine with that - I understood. I didn't follow up with Topps because I figured it would be a waste of time.

This time, however, I'd like to follow up. I really love these cards. Because I'm lazy, any tips on how to pursue a fix?


Ginter Flu

I'm sick for Ginter. I want it. I've never joined the fray before - thanks to my relatively (early 2011) recent return to the hobby. You people are all getting me flustered about it, what with your pretty picture posts and so forth.

So, should I buy it? Is it worth it? Box? Packs? What not? I've heard some criticism. What's that all about?

Should I wait and pick it up at The National? (Speaking of which, who's going?) I don't want to put this all on you, dear reader, but I need your help.
I know this isn't 2011 A&G. SewingMachineGuy sent it to me a few months ago. What a guy!


Junk v. Junk

I really should rethink the headline here. Now that I'm looking at it again, I'm a little uncomfortable. Oh well, what's done is done.

So, with our house selling in Illinois and a quick exit needed, we're in temporary (4 months perhaps) quarters while we search for a new home. Me, my wife and my sweet little girl are essentially living in what amounts to a dorm. Did I mention my 88-year-old grandfather lives here too? It's actually his house we've invaded!

Before you ask, yes, we're crazy. We're in a small house with an 88-year-old and almost 4-year-old. And, we work from home on phones and computers. Technically, one of us works from home while the other trades off and works from a library, coffee shop and assorted WiFi hot spots.

What's the point of all of this?
This is an example of a card you would NOT get if you participate in the junk v. junk cardapalooza.

I still need room. You see, I still have an addiction to baseball cards. I pick them up fairly often. I even grab those re-packaged typically worthless packs at various outlets - such as Walgreens. Like all of us, I end up filing a good amount of cards in my teams-and/or-years-I-don't-collect boxes.

I'd like to free some room. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm mostly interested in sending away some cards in exchange for others. You know, the entire point of trading.

Bottom line:

If you have random Reds, Tigers, Cubs, White Sox, Steelers, Indy Colts (wait Steelers and Colts? Yep!) then I'd be happy to send along similar randomness from your preferred team(s). I'm somewhat light on a couple of teams, but generally have between 50 to 75 cards to send from any given team. Send me a note (dw.reds@gmail.com) or leave a comment if you have an interest.

Editor's Note: Yankees, Dodgers and Cardinals are now preciously thin due to claims or claims three months ago, so I probably can't help there at this time.


The Coolest Card I Own (Scroll Down!)

I partook recently in my second break with my trading friend from Kentucky, Johnny over at the fine blog Cards From The Quarry. Johnny is running some great breaks. As a matter of fact, he's signing folks up for one right now.

So, I'm not really a White Sox collector, other than my season ticket years of 2000-2005, yet I've found myself claiming them not once but now three times in CQ's breaks. The lure of The Big Hurt and Magglio is strong, apparently.

For the bulk of the last break, it just didn't go so well for me. Until, it went oh-so-very-well. Stay tuned, I'm burying the lede.

First, here are a couple of the cards I received that I like. Two newbies for my Frank PC.

I also picked up a nice Ray Durham. Ray isn't one of my PCs but I always enjoyed watching him play. The guy below, Mr. Konerko, I met at a charity comedy night way back in, I believe, 2000 or aught-1. Honestly, he left the worst impression of all the guys I met that night. He since grew on me though and I can't argue with his career. I also think he matured considerably through the years. I just realized I would love to have a card of him as a Red.
Well, that's it. Have a nice day everyone!

Wait, before I go. Because I didn't land any inserts or hits or what not, I was entered into a randomizer to get a very, very awesome card. As the headline of this post alludes to, I came out on top. And, with that, I won this:

Apologies to my readers under 18, but I want to make love to this card. I cannot believe I won it. I'm still stunned.

By way of background, in second grade our teacher gave us little coin banks with pictures of all the presidents. I memorized them that night and soon thereafter gave a speech about the presidents during a Cub Scout event. It kicked off a lifelong interest in presidential history.

Since returning to the collecting hobby several months ago, I've heard tell of presidential cards (grabbed a couple in a 25 cent box) but had no idea this gem and this mini-set existed. Now, I'm on a quest - a likely expensive quest - but hopefully a fun one too.

Thanks for the break, Johnny. And, again, thanks for understanding.


Trade Bait

In an attempt to slowly get my blogging groove back, I'm doing one of these trade bait dealios.

I'm throwing up (not literally) a hodgepodge of cardboard - in part to encourage everyone to review my wants. (If you have '76s, great! UPDATE: I just updated my '76 availables and wants.)

Right now I'm focusing on '76, '78, collecting Kimball Champions and UD Masterpieces '08. However, also always interested in cool cards of players I collect or relics of them or some other relic Reds, Tigers, Cubs. If all else fails, offer me another card(s) of the same - example.

Oh, and before I forget, (not pictured) if there are any Ben Grieve fans out there. I have some odd A's jersey relic with an easel stand I'd like to deal.

And, awaayyy we go...

First up, some original backs from, I believe, last year. FYI: The Lost Collector has first dibs on the Yankees pictured below. Quarry has first dibs on any Rockies. Jeff L. has first dibs on White Sox. If anyone else wants to be my go-to for a certain team, let me know. I know I've had some discussions out there but not a lot has materialized yet.

Here are some diamondy things - I believe Target exclusives? Quarry has first dibs on CarGo if he wants him.
And, these - a Target Teixeira and Longoria. It would be really swell if anyone can offer a nice Red or Tiger or Cub Diamond Star in return for Evan.
Next, if you'd like the # for these gold fellas, I'll have to get back to you tonight.
I like these 20/20s for some reason and have held on to this group as I'm a big fan of the players here. That said, I'm willing to make some exchanges:
I remember when this next guy broke into the league at age 11.
That Pena is numbered something or other. I don't have it with me at the moment.
I think I found that our diamond friend collectors don't need these but I'm guessing I missed someone who does.
Hmm, maybe I should have waited until I was back home with my cards to post this. The below are either Cards Your Mom Tossed (I think the first batch) or 60YOT (I think the last two) but I think they're some of each.

I really like the bizarre factor of the stats presented here - even though they have their critics. That said, I'm not collecting the full set so have at 'em!
 And, finally...
So, there you have it. Let's trade something or other!


Getting Back In The Swing & Fantasy Baseball Anyone?

Ah, post-move, finally, life is starting to clear up some. I've missed the blog and the hobby for the past couple of weeks - and I fear my typically swell organizational skills took a hit. If you're looking for an e-mail reply from me regarding trading, please send me another note.

Later today I hope to post some trade bait and soon be back on track for regular posting. Meanwhile, I run a couple of deep-roster fantasy baseball dynasty/keeper leagues (20 teams each). In one league, I have an opening (replacing our one replacement owner). I may have a second opening (still confirming) in a day or so. The first opening is for a pretty weak team. I'm very eager to find a great owner committed to rebuilding - ready for that challenge. I need an owner who will keep his roster active pretty much daily.

Great group of guys in this league.

If this sounds like something up your alley, send me a note (dw.reds@gmail.com). I hope to fill the opening today if possible. I can first send you the link to the league and team. Free league, fyi.


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