Trade Bait

In an attempt to slowly get my blogging groove back, I'm doing one of these trade bait dealios.

I'm throwing up (not literally) a hodgepodge of cardboard - in part to encourage everyone to review my wants. (If you have '76s, great! UPDATE: I just updated my '76 availables and wants.)

Right now I'm focusing on '76, '78, collecting Kimball Champions and UD Masterpieces '08. However, also always interested in cool cards of players I collect or relics of them or some other relic Reds, Tigers, Cubs. If all else fails, offer me another card(s) of the same - example.

Oh, and before I forget, (not pictured) if there are any Ben Grieve fans out there. I have some odd A's jersey relic with an easel stand I'd like to deal.

And, awaayyy we go...

First up, some original backs from, I believe, last year. FYI: The Lost Collector has first dibs on the Yankees pictured below. Quarry has first dibs on any Rockies. Jeff L. has first dibs on White Sox. If anyone else wants to be my go-to for a certain team, let me know. I know I've had some discussions out there but not a lot has materialized yet.

Here are some diamondy things - I believe Target exclusives? Quarry has first dibs on CarGo if he wants him.
And, these - a Target Teixeira and Longoria. It would be really swell if anyone can offer a nice Red or Tiger or Cub Diamond Star in return for Evan.
Next, if you'd like the # for these gold fellas, I'll have to get back to you tonight.
I like these 20/20s for some reason and have held on to this group as I'm a big fan of the players here. That said, I'm willing to make some exchanges:
I remember when this next guy broke into the league at age 11.
That Pena is numbered something or other. I don't have it with me at the moment.
I think I found that our diamond friend collectors don't need these but I'm guessing I missed someone who does.
Hmm, maybe I should have waited until I was back home with my cards to post this. The below are either Cards Your Mom Tossed (I think the first batch) or 60YOT (I think the last two) but I think they're some of each.

I really like the bizarre factor of the stats presented here - even though they have their critics. That said, I'm not collecting the full set so have at 'em!
 And, finally...
So, there you have it. Let's trade something or other!


  1. Save the Campy Target card for me. I'm sure I can dig up a couple cards off your wants to swing a small deal.

  2. Greg: Saved. And, just a friendly FYI in case you keep such records. I moved last month. When you're ready, shoot me an e-mail for my new address. Thanks.


  3. I am good on those Rox, but thanx for the dibs.

  4. Cardinals or Pujols are my main thing now since TLC got the Yankees.


  5. Vio: I'm not sure who you are, sorry. Let me know. And, if you have specific cards I should set aside, that will help. Are you asking for the Garcia and the Ozzie? Thanks.


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