Sew Kind!

Last month, before moving, I shipped out my end of a deal to frequent trading partner SewingMachineGuy. Larry - the man behind the blog - has always been a generous trader.

I forgot the terms of the original deal. I remember I mailed his cards along with a batch of 10 or more trades in the days before we skedaddled to another state.  

A couple of days ago, my end of the deal arrived. I picked up the bubble mailer, saw the return address and thought "Oh yeah, just what was that deal?"

I carefully opened the mailer. And. I. Pulled. Out. This. Card. !!!.
Look at that!

I felt like I was 9 again and opening my very first packs. It was that kind of rush.

In short, this card was not part of the deal! What was he supposed to send? Who friggin' cares! This is a Hall of Famer. This is a Tiger. This is an on-card auto.

SMG also sent two other cards. A very nice-looking Austin Jackson, 2011 A&G style, and a great oddball Corn Flakes Tony Perez.

But let's return to George Kell for a second. Honestly, far too generous. But thank you again, most kindly.


  1. This proves once again that the SMG is one of the most generous traders in the sphere.

    And I did a facepalm when I saw the title of the post because how did I never think of that one?

  2. The SMG is an awesome trader he sent me a McCutchen rookie and sparklie goodness out of the blue.


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