The Coolest Card I Own (Scroll Down!)

I partook recently in my second break with my trading friend from Kentucky, Johnny over at the fine blog Cards From The Quarry. Johnny is running some great breaks. As a matter of fact, he's signing folks up for one right now.

So, I'm not really a White Sox collector, other than my season ticket years of 2000-2005, yet I've found myself claiming them not once but now three times in CQ's breaks. The lure of The Big Hurt and Magglio is strong, apparently.

For the bulk of the last break, it just didn't go so well for me. Until, it went oh-so-very-well. Stay tuned, I'm burying the lede.

First, here are a couple of the cards I received that I like. Two newbies for my Frank PC.

I also picked up a nice Ray Durham. Ray isn't one of my PCs but I always enjoyed watching him play. The guy below, Mr. Konerko, I met at a charity comedy night way back in, I believe, 2000 or aught-1. Honestly, he left the worst impression of all the guys I met that night. He since grew on me though and I can't argue with his career. I also think he matured considerably through the years. I just realized I would love to have a card of him as a Red.
Well, that's it. Have a nice day everyone!

Wait, before I go. Because I didn't land any inserts or hits or what not, I was entered into a randomizer to get a very, very awesome card. As the headline of this post alludes to, I came out on top. And, with that, I won this:

Apologies to my readers under 18, but I want to make love to this card. I cannot believe I won it. I'm still stunned.

By way of background, in second grade our teacher gave us little coin banks with pictures of all the presidents. I memorized them that night and soon thereafter gave a speech about the presidents during a Cub Scout event. It kicked off a lifelong interest in presidential history.

Since returning to the collecting hobby several months ago, I've heard tell of presidential cards (grabbed a couple in a 25 cent box) but had no idea this gem and this mini-set existed. Now, I'm on a quest - a likely expensive quest - but hopefully a fun one too.

Thanks for the break, Johnny. And, again, thanks for understanding.


  1. Great pick-ups, Potch! I totally get your fascination with the Presidential sub-sets. Some real history there and beautifully presented.

  2. Better to be lucky than good. Congrats on the great addition.


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