Outta Sight! Vintage

Outta Sight! Vintage features favorite vintage cards I've added through shows, online buys and trades. These are my own private icons - cards I had longed to own or perhaps discovered by happenstance. They may include superstars, favorite players or simply sweet-looking commons. These cards make me smile.

But what means 'vintage'?
Good question, if not a grammatically troubled one.

While I consider "vintage" anything my age or older, thus 1968 on back, for OSV I'm expanding the definition to anything older than my kid collection wheelhouse - thus 1975 and earlier. 

OSV differs from The Cardboard Heroes, which showcases favorite cards from my kid collection. You know, back when baseball players were heroes. 

Bill Freehan 1967, Jan. 25, 2013
Excerpt: ...when I first stopped collecting baseball cards in 1983 I'm not sure I had heard of Freehan ...  I would have sworn that Lance Parrish was the greatest Tiger catcher to ever live.

George Anderson 1960, May 1, 2012
Excerpt: I'll never forget standing outside Tiger Stadium with my Dad one night ... and seeing Sparky in the passenger seat of a car ... He looked over, made eye contact and gave a little wave. 

Billy Pierce 1959s, April 17, 2012
Billy ... looked at the card and groused ... didn't understand why "folks keep sending me cards to sign I've already signed." I love [1959] set for the ... I've always called it the "Rear Window Set."

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