Winker to Spare? Anyone?

Hi there friends. I hate for this to be my sole reason for posting at this point, but here's my situation. I'm taking my daughter - I hope - to see a couple of Reds players next Thursday when they send some team reps out on the road in the Ohio/Indiana area to meet fans.

If anyone has a spare Jesse Winker card (or possibly a spare Alex Blandino card - although likely we'll only see Winker), please let me know. Just base cards - chrome not necessary due to being poor for autos.

I'd like to either pay for the card(s) by PayPal if possible or maybe we can work out a trade if you'd rather. Thanks everyone.

I haven't blogged in a long time but I'm still collecting. I'm almost exclusively a vintage guy but my daughter has really gotten into collecting the past six months or so - spurred by being able to meet many of the local A ball players - and getting some autos on specific game days. She's in early grade school but has gone to several card shows with me in recent months and we pick up some new stuff from time to time to open together. Been a lot of fun.


Search Me *shrugs*