Fun-Time Baseball Hall Inductees

Presenting, a team-by-team list of first-ballot inductees. In short, the idea was to create first-ballot exclusivity, with the number of inductees based on franchise age. Scroll down for official rules and more about voting in Year Two.
Houston Astros
Craig Biggio (2012)
Jeff Bagwell (2012)
J.R. Richard (2012)
Nolan Ryan (2012)
Background on all nominated Astros/Colt .45s.

San Diego Padres
Tony Gwynn (2012)
Trevor Hoffman (2012)
Dave Winfield (2012)
Background on all nominated Padres.

Baltimore Orioles (and forerunner St. Louis Browns)
Jim Palmer (2012)
Brooks Robinson (2012)
Cal Ripken Jr. (2012)
Eddie Murray (2012)
Frank Robinson (2012)
George Sisler (2012)
Background on all nominated Orioles.

Detroit Tigers 
Ty Cobb (2012)
Hank Greenberg (2012)
Al Kaline (2012)
Alan Trammell (2012)
Sam Crawford (2012)
Charlie Gehringer (2012)
Lou Whitaker (2012)    

Background on all nominated Tigers.


California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels
Nolan Ryan (2012)
Tim Salmon (2012)
Rod Carew (2012)
Garrett Anderson (2012)

Background on all nominated Angels.
The Fun-Time Baseball Hall was created to help me build my knowledge of the game's past. All franchises will be featured. Voting then will continue annually. There is built-in exclusivity for first-ballot induction, described below.

This is a team-specific Hall and voters thus should consider, foremost, a
player's body of work for the franchise featured. It's your call whether the critical deciding factors are longevity for a team and counting stats for that franchise or if judging a player's overall impact on the franchise is key - even if accomplished in a relatively short time. 
  • For teams in existence since 1920 or before, 7 players will win first-ballot induction.
  • For teams established between 1921-1940, 6 players will win first-ballot induction.
  • For teams established between 1941-1960, 5 players will win first-ballot induction. 
  • For teams established between 1961-1975, 4 players will win first-ballot induction.
  • For teams established between 1976-1990, 3 players will be inducted. 
  • For newer expansion teams, the ballots will be grouped and the top three from all of them will be inducted.
    •  Note: If a player makes the cut numbers above but failed to garner at least 50% of the vote, the player will not be inducted.
  • Roughly one year after a team(s) is featured, a second ballot will be held. 
  • Four more players will enter the Hall for each team in existence since 1940 or before. Three more for teams established between 1941 and 1975. Two more for teams established after 1976. One more total for the combined newer expansion teams.* 
  •   * I intend to fully adhere to these rules but I possibly will add a percentage requirement also for second-year induction, which I know for sure I'll implement in subsequent years.

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