Fun-Time Baseball Hall: Your First-Ballot Astros

It's time to announce the latest members of the Fun-Time Baseball Hall. Per the rules based on the age of a franchise, four from the Houston Astros were selected as first-ballot inductees. 

The four who will join the Tigers and Angels in the Hall are:

Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, J.R. Richard and Nolan Ryan

For more about the winners, as well as the full slate of nominees, check out this story.

And this results mean after featuring just three teams, Mr. Ryan has made the Fun-Time Hall for two MLB teams. Can he make it three? Four?

Here's the voting breakdown:

Jeff Bagwell
  13 (76%)
Craig Biggio
  14 (82%)
Cesar Cedeno
  7 (41%)
Jose Cruz
  5 (29%)
Larry Dierker
  2 (11%)
Joe Morgan
  3 (17%)
Joe Niekro
  5 (29%)
J.R. Richard
  10 (58%)
Nolan Ryan
  10 (58%)
Mike Scott
  5 (29%)
Billy Wagner
  2 (11%)
Jim Wynn
  4 (23%)

Stay tuned, coming soon will be an opportunity to vote for the best Orioles of all-time. Seven players from that franchise will join the Hall as first-ballot inductees.

Rules, etc.:
  • For teams in existence since 1920 or before, 7 players - the top vote-getters - will win first-ballot induction.
  • For teams established between 1921-1940, 6 players will win first-ballot induction.
  • For teams established between 1941-1960, 5 players will win first-ballot induction. 
  • For teams established between 1961-1975, 4 players will win first-ballot induction.
  • For teams established between 1976-1990, 3 players will be inducted. 
  • For newer expansion teams, the ballots will be grouped and the top three from all of these teams will be inducted.
  • Roughly one year after a team(s) is featured, a second ballot will be held. 
  • Four more players will enter the Hall for each team in existence since 1940 or before. Three more for teams established between 1941 and 1975. Two more for teams established after 1976. One more total for the combined newer expansion teams.* 
  • * I intend to fully adhere to these rules but I possibly will add a percentage requirement also for second-year induction, which I know for sure I'll implement in subsequent years.
When voting, please keep in mind a player's body of work for the team featured - and not simply the full career. It's your call whether longevity for a franchise and counting stats is the biggest deciding factor or if you prefer judging a player's impact on the franchise - even made possibly in a relatively short time. 


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