Venti Votto

Juuust wanted to show off a cool card sent by my blogging friend Kyle of Juuust a Bit Outside. Shortly before we moved into our new home in December, Kyle added this with some cards from his draft juuust because he's that kind. I believe this is called "box topper"  juuust because he's that kind of guy. 
I have nothing like this in my collection and I'm thrilled to add it. Votto is one of my top 5-10 current players, with his status as a Red a key factor in that ranking.

I almost feel like I should frame this bad boy. Seriously, maybe I should as I have no idea how to properly store it.

Thanks again, Kyle. You've since sent me a slew of great cards over the months and I'm very grateful for them all.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any oddball Votto cards - non-base, non-goofy inserts - let me know. I honestly don't know if any exist but I might be interested in some if they do.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't interrupt this Votto post and ask you to vote for Orioles in the current Fun-Time Hall of Fame balloting. Check out my last post for more.

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