My wife has always accused me of being hard-headed, not so much literally actually, but moreso figuratively.

When I was 20, with some college buddies from Indiana University, we spent traveled to Columbus, Ohio one weekend to check out the bar scene there - a change of pace. We had a great time meeting new people. Late that night, around 2 a.m., I walked a girl I met home. My intentions, seriously, were honorable. She had told me her friend had been attacked on campus not long before that night.

While walking her home, and now on a pretty dark street off-campus, five or six guys came the other way heading our way.

I woke up the next day at Ohio State University Medical Center. I heard tell that they brushed up against her, and that I turned around, apparently just a glance and saying nothing, and was then attacked by them. It seems one was carrying a board and used it well. I was knocked out immediately but they kept hitting. She, apparently, screamed and was left alone as some people came out of a house and threatened to call police.

I had a severe concussion and a badly swollen face and bruised mid-section for two months but nothing broken.

So, quite a lead in, right?

Back to the hard head. A couple of weeks ago, I went to bed feeling great and woke up two hours later horribly sick. I thought it must have been food poisoning, but it proved to be a bad stomach flu. I got up to hit the lue and, once inside, fainted.

Head met ceramic tile floor.

I tell you all of this as part of the biggest lead-in to an excuse ever for not posting some swell trades, some amazing trades actually. You see, in the few days I spent going in for some tests, coming home, recovering, seeing visitors, etc., several trade packages came my way. I didn't even think this time to set them aside for later scanning. I opened them, enjoyed and they all got mixed together.

I owe thanks to Juuust A Bit Outside (yet again!), Crinkly Wrappers, Tomahawk Chopping, Cardboard Collections, Play at the Plate, $30 a week habit, and, well, I'm certain there's another here somewhere I'll find to file soon.

Oh, I'm fine, by the way. I came out pretty lucky all things considered. I was back online within a couple of days and back at work pretty quickly too. I even still got out several trade packages and ramped up a couple of fantasy baseball drafts that I run each year and that are going on now.

I'll endeavor to still feature some cards from these trades in upcoming posts - even if it's just one or two key cards - as I can jog my memory of what came from who by reviewing old e-mails - but I just wanted to apologize for anyone who is inadvertently left out. Major apologies too to the two bloggers still waiting on me to get back to them about some cards they've set aside!

Please know I've been thrilled with all of my trades lately and I've been equally thrilled to hear that the recipients have been as well. Trading remains an incredible part of blogging and this hobby. 

A couple of new trades have arrived in the past few days, so I'll feature those too. As a matter of fact, here's one now.

Look at this! Would you just look!

My very first Frank Robinson relic. Mr. Robinson is a huge favorite of mine. He's a Tier One player for me. Currently, I have a bead on another Robinson relic. Can't wait. I'm not a huge relic kind of guy overall but ones like these of favorite players, or Hall of Famers in general, are really swell.

This fine card comes from my great blogging friend, Ryan - formerly Reader Ryan and now the proprietor of the truly fine upstart blog, Ryan's Pitch. Ryan featured our trade the other day and mentioned he feels like he got the better end of the deal. Not at all, Ryan. I'm feeling the same way. I guess that's a sign of a great trade.

Ryan sent more cards from teams I like and players I collect (Frank Thomas) and a cool purple Topps Chrome Victor Martinez, as well.

Ryan and I have completed a handful of trades but this was Ryan's first completed deal as a blogger.

Ryan, I'm glad to read I played a role in you jumping into the blogosphere. In your very short time blogging, I'm already thoroughly enjoying your thoughts about the hobby and your collection. Thanks again for the deal.

Collect what makes you smile, everyone.


  1. Glad you're okay. Don't worry about posting the trade. I'm bad about that and I didn't hit my head.

  2. I'll be damned if I can remember what I sent you, but whatever it was, I hope that you enjoy it!!

    Glad that you are feeling better as well!!

  3. some swell trades...pun intended?

    1. I fancy myself as a master of puns (well, that's my Dad more than me) yet I did not intend that one. Maybe I'm not quite with it yet after all.

  4. Next time you get the flu -- wear a helmet. :) Glad your noggin is OK. Very nice Robinson.

    1. Good advice. I think I'll just crawl to the bathroom next time. No more walking

  5. See, I knew that was going to happen and that's why I waited until today to send you a card package.

    1. Ha! Thanks Greg, I'll watch for it.


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