Nominate Your Orioles: The Fun-Time Baseball Hall

First, just two days left to vote Astros into The Fun-Time Baseball Hall. Who's going to join the seven Detroit Tigers and four members of the Angels' franchise. See inductees so far here.

Meanwhile, it's time to start nominating past members of the Orioles franchise, which includes the St. Louis Browns dating back to 1902. In the comments, please provide a few names of players from the  franchise's past that you think should be put up on the first-year ballot.

Reminder about the Hall: I'm looking for players who surely would make an All-Star squad for the franchise in question or strong players who spent many years with the franchise (and thus have the counting stats) or even players who didn't spend many years but made a lasting impact with the team (perhaps in a relative short period). It's your call who you nominate and, later, how you vote.

Thank you for the help.


  1. Besides the robinsom "brothers" boog powell paul blair and mike flanagan

  2. Eddie Murray
    Jim Palmer
    George Sisler
    Mike Cuellar
    Mike Mussina

    oh yea
    Cal Ripken

  3. Cy Young winner Steven Michael Stone


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