Wrapper Redemption Cards: Four Out Of Five Ain't Bad

Before our big move last month, I finally mailed my Topps Series 1 wrappers for the much-ballyhooed redemption bonanza. I looked forward to the delivery that I expected once settled.

Today, a month later, they arrived.

It started off so well.

I'm a big Prince Fielder fan. I'm a closet Brewers fan what with Prince and Braun and Zack and with the history of Yount and the 70s and 80s gangs. Just something blue collar about the team - well, mostly the town - and that appeals to my sensibilities. Plus, while living in Chicago for 12 years, I made my way 90 minutes north on several occasions to take in a game.

Next came this guy. Just not a fan. Anyone who wants this in exchange for a different redemption card you may have, I'm taking offers.
This next guy is one of my favorite all-time Red Sox. Just have a lot of respect for what he's been through and his talents. All of that said, I realize many collectors would get a lot more joy from owning it. I'm seeking the Votto or M. Cabrera or Braun or Castro.
The fourth card in the package is yet another guy I was happy with - but, again, not quite as happy as I'd be to have found Votto, Braun, Cabrera or Castro.

And, finally, a major bummer to end the pack. Here it is:

Why a bummer? Not so much the player featured - one of the game's best. No, look closely, the scan doesn't quite pick it up the way it looks in person. Two big scratches across the front. Two. One on his chin. One across his face.
This is just my second encounter with damaged cards. The first involved a pack of Gypsy Queen I picked up months ago at Target. I opened the pack in the car, found three cards had been badly damaged, on a whim chose to walk back into the store - knowing they couldn't really do anything. In as polite a way as possible, I was told to take a hike - that kids are coming in all the time saying their cards are "damaged," asking for a replacement pack.

I was fine with that - I understood. I didn't follow up with Topps because I figured it would be a waste of time.

This time, however, I'd like to follow up. I really love these cards. Because I'm lazy, any tips on how to pursue a fix?

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  1. Try reaching Topps via their twitter account for customer service - if anything, it may get you in touch with a human Topps employee a lot faster than mail/phone. Good luck, D!


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