Kimball Champions: The Homestretch

The idea of a miniature baseball card, I must admit, never much appealed to me in my collecting youth. But after my return to the hobby earlier this year, Kimball Champions soon arrived and everything changed.

I found my mini-set to collect.

While I know some have complained that the card stock is not thick enough, it works fine for me. Mostly, I'm drawn to the art - both the close-up and the action down low.

I'm closing in on finishing the first 100 - although I realize another 50 are coming soon with Topps Update. No matter, I'll chase those too.

Recently, Justin of The Hopeful Chase sent me three to bring my total to 93. Here's one of my unfinished binder pages. Wouldn't you love to be the person who helps make this and a couple of other pages complete? I don't really care, pal. Not my problem.

 If you answered "yes, I'd love nothing more than to help you" like I'm guessing, here's what I still need:

39, 59, 62, 70, 80, 95, 96

Oh, and while I'm here, may I direct you to the front page of this blog where I have a bundle of available cards and needs grouped (generally) for easy perusing.

(Next Post: Topps Chrome Finds My Home)


  1. Potch...cross 39 (Sabathia) off your list...I'll send it with the next group of cards headed your way


  2. I have #62 for you. What do you need in Masterpieces ? I have a lot of dupes there.Email me if you get a chance. randj531@yahoo.com

    Thanks !

  3. hey there..was reading 'play at the plate' and he wrote about a trade u both made. dont know if you've seen my blog - its new. all cards posted are up for trade. i'll eventually post all the teams but i have some tigers and cubs up. maybe you'll see something you like.



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