The Dirt On Wrigley

Late last month I posted a bit about a great return trade package sent by reader Ryan LaMonica - a frequent and awesome trade friend.

Among the included fun: an Aramis Ramirez jersey relic with a much-desired (for me, at least) stripe.

Here's the thing I somehow glossed over while admiring the card. Look closely at the bottom of the swatch. Do you see it? Strain your eyes more than, you're not that old!

Whatever, it's quite visible in hand.
Dirt! A smudge of dirt!

Now, I noticed the dirt before of course but somehow it didn't dawn on me that this is possibly Wrigley Field* dirt. Ryan wrote me yesterday and suggested it may very well be.

What do you think?

Very cool, if so. I just don't know. Do they truly not wash these unis before slicing and dicing?

* Speaking of Wrigley Field, my wife got tickets for us to enjoy a free evening at the game versus my Reds last night. This is an annual night, typically at White Sox park, bestowed to her and many others by the hospital where she once spent far too much time. Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it due to work and family commitments. Waaaaaah!

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  1. Very cool! I always like it when I have dirt on my relics. Not too shabby!


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