Meet The Mets (or your team of choice)

In recent months, I've had great success clearing out the teams-I-don't-collect-box after posting two junk sale notices. I think most recipients have been happy and some have said what they received was far from junk. (Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and the quality of cards sent has varied greatly by team).

There are many, many teams that haven't been requested and most of them include anywhere from 40 to 80 cards. Yes, many of these include a healthy portion of late 80s/early 90s stuff but you just might be able to fill in a few collecting gaps.

I mentioned the Mets in the headline as the team is among those I have a heaping stack of cards waiting to be shipped away. In return for any of the stacks, I'm not seeking much of anything really. If you can find a couple of cards from my wants posted on the front of my blog (or in the last couple of posts) then that would be swell.

Or, I'd be happy to take on your excess Reds, Tigers, Cubs, (2000-2005 White Sox),  '80s-ish Pirates or Brewers, what not.

If anyone is interested in a stack, send me an e-mail asking if your team is available (or how many cards are available) or leave a comment. I know I'm very thin on the Blue Jays, Yankees, Dodgers, Phillies, Braves, the expansion teams and maybe another one or two I'm forgetting. Those stacks would be much smaller.

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