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Editor's Note (9/28): My Lineage needs/wants have drastically changed and I expect to update them in the next day or two. Thanks!

(This post includes a) Lineage for trade; b) news about the quest for my first set; c) a hearty thank you; d) a new auto; e) there is no "e".

My pursuit of the '75 minis from the Lineage Experience will end at one. With everyone, everywhere choosing to collect these cards, I cry "Uncle!".

Eventually - perhaps a very long time from now - I may snag four or five from my player collections. That's all I really wanted anyway.

But as for the rest of Lineage, I'm still on the hunt for the retired fellas and other favorites from the checklist. See below for what I have available to trade and what I'm seeking.

But first, I want to thank the Jeff Laws of My Sports Obsession for shipping me a few Lineage legends, several much-needed cards for my '76 quest and more.

Jeff and I - after several deals - are now at a point where we're just sending mailers back and forth every so often. I have these unspoken arrangements with a handful of bloggers, it seems, and they work great and generally are much less fuss.

This go-round, he sent me several old-timers from the Lineage set. I won't post all of the goodies, but I scanned a few.
I think this is a nice-looking card and Morgan is near the front of the players I collect.

Jeff also sent along the below gem - an auto that I noticed he posted several weeks ago. (Sorry about the neck strain.)
Not a huge name but a great addition for me - a lifelong Reds fan.

And Jeff added this legend - my very first cloth card.
Mr. Laws (who by the way lives no more than a couple of hours north of me in Indiana) didn't stop with Lineage. He took the time to look over my 1976 needs and sent me a couple of cards I needed and a couple of others cards where I needed upgrades.

Here are some of them.

So, I'm now dangerously close to completing '76, the first set that I personally have labored to put together. This set means a lot to me, as I wrote about a few months ago.

I have 15 cards to go (and another 30 for which I'm seeking upgrades)! Here's my 1976 list for those who might have and/or need some.

But back to Lineage. I have needs and wants and perhaps you do too!

Here's what I have for trade:

3 Jimmie Foxx
10 Jim Palmer
20 Justin Morneau
32 Jon Lester
35 Hanley Ramirez
41 Vladimir Guerrero
41 Vladimir Guerrero (refractory-thing)
51 Hunter Pence
55 Nolan Ryan
56 Shane Victorino
59 Duke Snider
65 Josh Johnson
67 Nelson Cruz
72 Rickie Weeks
85 Al Kaline
100 Babe Ruth
101 Madison Bumgarner
110 Thurman Munson
118 Todd Helton
126 Shin-Soo Choo
132 Nick Markakis
133 Zack Greinke
145 Adrian Gonzalez
149 Kevin Youkilis
152 David DeJesus
153 B.J. Upton
173 Adam Dunn
189 Jaime Garcia (refractory-thing)
192 Willie McCovey

Here's what I need:

2 Derek Jeter
5 Felix Hernandez 
13 Cal Ripken Jr.
19 Larry Walker
21 Edinson Volquez 
40 Stan Musial
47 Lance Berkman
48 Carlton Fisk
52 Andre Dawson
53 Mike Schmidt
57 Willie McCovey
60 Reggie Jackson
64 Joe Morgan
76 Roberto Alomar
90 Tris Speaker
98 Evan Longoria
99 Honus Wagner
103 Joey Votto
106 Cy Young
108 Hank Aaron
112 Johnny Cueto
120 Ichiro
121 Roy Halladay
137 Johnny Bench
141 Ozzie Smith
143 Miguel Cabrera
146 Freddie Freeman RC
148 Aroldis Chapman
154 Fergie Jenkins
156 Austin Jackson
158 Monte Irvin
159 Yonder Alonso
170 Tom Seaver
171 Ryne Sandberg
178 Albert Pujols 
181 Frank Thomas
182 Frank Robinson
186 Mel Ott
187 Justin Verlander
190 Bert Blyleven
195 Chipper Jones All-RC
196 Ichiro All-RC
197 Andre Dawson All-RC
200 Tom Seaver All-RC



  1. I'll check my dupes tonight to add some to the trade we are working on.

  2. Figured I was already sending you cards, might as well check and see what else I got that you could use.

  3. From your Lineage tradelist I'm interested in #10 Palmer, 41 Guerrero and 41 Guerrero parallel. I have a bunch of Gypsy Queen set aside for you from your wantlist. email me if your interested. Jasonc15@hotmail.com

  4. I sent you an email about a trade for these and quite a bit more

    Lineage - 21, 48, 53, 57, 60, 64, 90, 98, 103, 106, 112, 120, 121, 137, 143, 148, 154, 159, 170, 171, 178, 182, 187, 190, 195, 196, 200

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  6. Would you like to trade the Musial cloth for a Seaver cloth (in Reds uni)?



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