Trade With SewingMachineGuy

I've been having great fun swinging trades with other collectors since I popped on here in February. I was remiss in posting details of those deals, mainly because I didn't have the scanner going until a couple of days ago. Now, I'm good to go.

Yesterday, I received my end of a nice trade with SewingMachineGuy. SMG helped me knock off several Tigers from my '79 list but also added several other cool cards and needs.

Here's but a sampling of the goods.

Had not seen this Heritage card yet and absolutely love it. I particularly love the trophy and that Mr. Redleg is front and center.

For some reason, I just think many of the Willie Horton cards I've seen are great images. In some, he seems like a real baaad guy you don't want to mess with. Interestingly, in this one he comes off like a kind neighbor. I own just a few Hortons and, like everything else that SMG sent, I didn't own this one - but I'm thrilled to add it to my collection.

The Great One is just an all-time favorite of mine. My earliest memories of attending games are all about Bench, Morgan, Rose, Sparky, Davey, Tony, Griffey the Original, Geronimo! and the rest of the Machine. While this '81 DonRuss arrived smack dab in the middle of my key collecting years, I was a hardcore Topps kid. I'm building a Bench collection, among other players, and I'm thrilled to add this one.

Which brings me to:

Not sure why but I get a kick out of the older kitschy cards like this - the Kmarts, the random ToysRUs release, Ames, most all of the Post cards. They're extra special when a favorite player is featured. Love it.

I received three Hershiser cards and I like this one the most of those three. Just love how he seems to almost be coming out of the card - and the spot of the baseball. Very good photo in my opinion.

I have him on my player collection list because I always admired his game - and also because I had an opportunity to meet him years ago in the locker room post-game at Jacobs Field. It was during the first Reds-Indians regular season series, 1997. He and Matt Williams were particularly kind.

Thanks again SMG for these cards and more.

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