Trade With Lost Collector / I'm dealing Heritage

I'm behind on my trade posts as I've been sending out several fast and furious - and have been traveling. I recently completed a small deal with AJ at The Lost Collector. I sent him several Yankees - I believe 2011 Heritage Yanks and some 2010 Topps Update Yanks - and he sent me a few specific 2011 Heritage I had asked about - a Red, a Cub and a couple of player faves.

Here's a snapshot of the goods.

Chrome Ramon!

Big fan of Mr. Braun.

I also received Albert Pujols, Tyler Colvin, Domonic Brown and the beloved Aroldis Chapman.

Anyone who is interested in trading for 2011 Heritage, please see my available list a post or two down. I'm trying to pick up all of the Reds, Tigers and Cubs - but if you have other dupes to offer, send me a note. There are a handful of favorite players I'd also like to acquire.

Enjoy the chase.

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