New To Me, O-Pee-Chee

I've been on a bit of a random card-buying bender of late and after reading a post about O-Pee-Chee, Version 2009 last week by .... , I ended up picking up not one but, sigh, two blasters in the past four days (discounted 50% at Wal-Mart).

I'm late to the game here, yes, but I'm smitten all the same. I think there are some great shots here and the set just feels classy and somewhat retro to me.

Here are some more I really love.

And these too!

And for the card-back afficionados (or is it afficianodoes?). I think it's the first one. Let's just stick with "fans" from now on. Apologies if this is a little small to see. I'm trying out some things here.

The below, as well as some of the above, and plenty more not picture are up for trade. I opened plenty of dupes. I didn't receive too many Reds or Tigers (or Cubs) so if you have dupes, shoot me a note. Or, I'm up for trading extras for other cards from my extensive wants.

Some examples of the frills. I have an extra ERA Leaders card and maybe that Moments card - not positive. I haven't sorted everything yet. For now, just send me a note if you have gaps to fill or would like to inquire about specific players. I'll get back to you fast.

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  1. If you have #53 (B.J. Upton), #185 (Volquez), #274 (Feldman), #413 (Thames) or #418 (Duchscherer), I'm interested as they're last 5 I need for the set.

    Also interested in select black-border Dodgers.


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