Trade Talk: Jeter SP, George and Other Guys

I'm in desperate need of finding some time to blog a bit, but the next few days are action-packed, so it might not happen until after they pass.

Meanwhile, here's some trade bait for you short print Jeter aficionados.

Been taking a keen interest in the Gypsy Queen chatter. I posted a want list, just for the record. Of course, various other wants are there too. And, there are always about a billion cool Reds, Tigers, Cubs variations that I don't know about that I probably want.

Meanwhile, either together with Jeter or separately, this guy can be had as well. You've perhaps heard of him.

And, finally, for some complete randomness to round out this post, two of the following players are among many OPC 2009 cards on the block. Inquire within - if you have a need, I'll see if I have.
Oh, Lee and Zimmerman just went to Things Are Funner Here. If you missed it, scroll down to last Saturday on her excellent blog for a great story about her recent LCS experience. It certainly beat my LCS experience yesterday - of which I'll blog soon.

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