A Heritage Surprise. No, not Starlin.

In Target last night, picking up things for the girls, and then I paid and headed home. Nah, there's more to the story.

There was one of those three packs (blisters?) of Heritage. I picked it up and could clearly see the card above. I must have it, I thought. Following Castro were:
Fine cards but up for trade for a Red, Tiger or Cub.
And so then I ripped into the packs. (Editor's Note: If you find the time, please take a look at Potch's Heritage Available/Need always updated trade page.)

The first card was:

#298 Jason Kubel. Foiled! A duplicate! That's OK. The good thing is, there were plenty more dupes where that came from. Wait, that's a bad thing.

#93 Nick Swisher
#351 Twin Terrors
#73 Gordon Beckham

#323 Jon Jay

Crikey! Boston great Ted Williams and a blue sharpie on-card sig! Wow, Ted Willi ... what's that? Wait, lemme see that card again.
Whoopsie daisy.

All poor jokes aside, I was thrilled to see this card! Let's find out more about Mr. Wills. Wikipedia says: "On May 8, 1962, the Reds purchased Wills from the Red Sox."

Awesome! Ted was a Red! How did I not know this? What else? Well, it seems Ted didn't play in the majors in '63 or '64 and was dealt to the White Sox before the '65 season.

The southpaw finished his career, which included 3 1/2 years in the Red Sox organization, with an 8-11 record and 5.46 ERA. Not exactly Christy Mathewson here but who cares. I love Ted Wills. Ted is now 77 and lives in Clovis, Calif.

What else does this A+ pack have in store for me?

#126 James Shields
#322 Bruce Bochy
#239 Brandon Beachy
And that completes pack number one. This is easily the best pack I've opened in quite some time.

Pack Two

#325 Alexei Ramirez (I've seen this guy plenty at Comiskey - I mean, U.S. Cellular Field. He looks 7 here.)
 #248 Chris Johnson
#9 Juan Uribe
#237 The Winners Celebrate
#190 Todd Helton
#479 Serial killer Lucas Harrell (SP)
#364 Russell Branyan
#278 Derek Lowe
#54 NL HR Leaders
Checklist 4 of 6

Not a bad pack either. At least I got a creepy-eyed, staring Short Print guy.

Pack Three

#359 Carlos Zambrano
#52 NL Batting Leaders
#47 Kosuke Fukudome
#296 Ian Desmond
NAP-15 Albert Pujols
#106 Yadier Molina
#423 Fear the Beard (SCARY!!!)
#422 Kendry(s) Morales
#22 San Diego Padres

...and so it is done.


  1. I'll trade for that Feliz or any other black Ranger parallel. That was so not the race comment it sounded like. I'll be picking up a couple of those Target packs looking for something to offer you.

  2. I bought a few of those Target Packs. I've got a Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) and a Marlon Byrd (Cubs) I'll trade for the Feliz and the David Price black parallels from your wantlists.

  3. The Cabrera and Byrd are the black parallels by the way.


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