'62 Topps Defiled!

So, can anyone tell me (and perhaps I should just go look it up myself) what the deal is with this card that I picked up at the recent card show? And this one (below) too?

The vendor was out to lunch at the time so a helper sold these to me for $1 total. Seeing as how they represent my two favorite teams, I bought. Love Old Stone Face Hutchinson, naturally, and who can resist Chico Fernandez! Well, probably most of you - other than Tiger fans.

On another unrelated note, I've swung a dozen or so trades in the past month but I've proposed them all. Someone, please, send me a trade offer. I'd love it!


  1. The '62 cards are buybacks that were inserted as box loaders in '11 Heritage. I've wondered if anyone ever tries to put a set together of buybacks, or if they're even worth anything special because of the stamp.

  2. I pulled a Red from the box-topper in my box. I wonder if they bought back every card - I'm betting there aren't any Mantle's with the stamp on there.


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