D$#& Yankees!

Here in the suburbs of Chicago, a baseball card show is held once every three weeks or so. Since I hopped back into the hobby a few months ago, I've had the chance to stop by a few times.

I picked this up for a fin spot (that means $5 right?).
It's now one of the gems of my collection, despite the fact the Yankees rank first on my list of least favorite sports teams. I'm still stunned that this was $5. It's frankly in decent condition, near as I can tell. And it's 50 years old. And, it's Whitey Ford, for the love of Pete!

Then I found this in another box from a different dealer. I paid a fistful of dollars more for this but didn't much care thanks to the Whitey bargain.
As a kid, I had never heard of these guys - at least not right away. I was busy hatin' Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry and Craig Nettles. Not Chris Chambliss though, who could hate him?

I was a Reds fan from the start but got behind the Dodgers in the late '70s when they had their classic battles with the Yankees.

Still, I've grown up since then - sort of - and Mr. Ford and Mr. Larsen will have a place of honor in my collection.

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