The Search For Jarrod Parker (Cards)

In honor of Jarrod Parker's first start with the Oakland A's, I wanted to be so bold as to link back to my first Hoosiers On Cardboard feature published last September.

Jarrod was traded from Arizona in the off-season since this post - in the Trevor Cahill deal - and I expect big things from him eventually in Oakland. It's been great to be able to root for a local kid. We nearly moved into his former school district but ended up one over.

I'm interested in any dupe Jarrod Parkers anyone might have on hand. It appears I only have this one. I'd pick some up at the local card shop, and might have to snag his auto from there, but all Parkers are just overpriced at this store. The proprietors are nice enough but they know they sell well.
Love to see Jarrod working his way back after Tommy John surgery. Hoping for the best for this kid. I believe, at the time of this post, he's battling in a 0-0 game in the sixth against the White Sox.

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  1. I am collecting Parker's on a regular basis. I covered him in high school with Norwell and when he was in South Bend as part of my job. I've got quite a pile of his cards, and could offer up trade for a couple of my autographs and doubles.
    I didn't see a place to directly email you on this site, so email me at mike deak 12 at g mail dot com


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