Heritage 2012: I Have Some

This is just a quick notice for anyone who needs Heritage 2012. I have a few dozen for trade. I'll get a list up soon but first wanted to ask those looking for some to feel free to direct me to your want list and I'll look to see what I have right away.

For now, Heritage cards that I want are posted here.

Oh, and I also have a Clubhouse Collection Josh Hamilton bat relic and James Shields jersey relic. For those, I'm seeking any CC jersey relic of the players below. Thanks.

CCR-AC Aroldis Chapman
CCR-AM Andrew McCutchen
CCR-BPH Brandon Phillips
CCR-FH Felix Hernandez
CCR-JBR Jay Bruce
CCR-JM Joe Mauer
CCR-JV Justin Verlander
CCR-MC Miguel Cabrera
CCR-MK Matt Kemp
CCR-MR Mariano Rivera
CCR-PF Prince Fielder
CCR-SC Starlin Castro
CCR-TT Troy Tulowitzki


  1. Ooh! Check out my latest post I only need 4 cards for my team set.

  2. I'll get you one of those for the Hamilton.

  3. Damnit! Too slow for the Hamilton. I do have the Fielder, though, and I'll throw it in with the trade package I have yet to get out to you.


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