Cool Cards From Mr. Habit (update)

Update: This full post, I noticed an hour after posting, was cut at the end, thus not revealing the trump card. I'm reposting.

One of my favorite regular trading partners is a fine gent with whom I really don't even work out trades - Robert of $30 a Week Habit.

We just hold cards back for one another and send them after awhile. This time, we happened to do that about the same day - in fact I believe we did it the exact same day.

I'm sorry, but this card is just stellar in every way. You cannot argue.
Robert came out on the short end of our latest exchange. I hope to make that up to him one of these times.

He sent the above Gypsy Queen bronze paper - perhaps my favorite insert set ever. I've been working harder lately to gather the bronze (and green) GQ paper frames and really should come up with a list of needs. If you have any available, please let me know.

Robert hit needs across several other areas - Reds, Tigers, Cubs - fun parallels, etc. and a SUH-WEET surprise I'll save for the end.

Here's the parade of fun.

Yes, Robert sent along the immediately above beauty from the Topps Chrome 2011 set that I'm closing in on. Awesome! What a great surprise to an already surprising package of cards.

Thanks again Robert!

Meanwhile, if anyone has Topps Chrome 2011 or needs some, check out the link and send me a note.

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