Heritage Design Trade Flashback Needs

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Many collectors have turned their attention to Gypsy Queen in the past week or so - either furiously chasing it or disparaging it - so I wanted to take a few minutes to briefly look again at our old friend Heritage 2012. I have some needs. I have some dupes. Read on!

While I'm not collecting the full Heritage set, focusing instead on completing the wonderful Heritage of 2011, I am gathering the 2012 inserts as well as select favorite players - and Reds, Tigers, Cubs and White Sox. I received a nice assist with those efforts recently after Ross at Design on Deck contacted me. Ross took a look at my want list and I'm very grateful for that. 

I'm a particular fan of Flashbacks. I believe Ross sent me five. Here are two of them.

Here is a sampling of some of the other fine cards Ross sent along.
Probably a top five current player of mine.

Still amused by pitchers named Homer, I am.
Berkman has long been a favorite of mine, admittedly from his glory years where he led my fantasy juggernaut. Also, his resemblance to my cousin is uncanny and an ongoing source of family amusement. I pick up Berkman cards whenever I can but still need a good auto.
Before I continue with various lists, I just want to say that I truly enjoy Design on Deck. It's unique and I really love his card designs. I don't believe I've actually ever told him that but I wanted to be sure to say something here. I wish he could print and issue his cards.

I wish I had the graphic design talents. They're sorely needed.

Meanwhile, Ross, your cards are coming soon. I was waiting to pick up a few more packs and hit more of your needs and I did manage to add a couple of extras. I wish I had more but I'm sending the diamond parallels and all the Heritage extras I had from your wants. I think it unfortunately doesn't total any more than the number of cards you sent.

For everyone else, are you collecting Heritage? If so, here are some cards I have for trade:

13, 19, 23, 27, 32, 36, 37, 38, 42, 45, 47, 47, 47, 60, 69, 69, 69, 75, 82, 85, 89, 93, 103, 108, 110, 110, 112, 115, 115, 121, 124, 126, 128, 130, 132, 132, 137, 137, 157, 180, 192, 197, 204, 217, 221, 224, 224, 228, 241, 243, 255, 267, 271, 277, 297, 315, 328, 332, 342, 342, 347, 351, 360, 363, 363, 372, 378, 388, 388, 395, 395, 400, 400, 400, 401, 402, 408, 408, 413, BF-SK, NF-JKE, NAP-TL, Checklist 5

Please indulge me as I present my wants:


14 Justin Masterson
35 Chris Sale
51 Alex Gordon
53 Dee Gordon

79 Detroit Tigers
87 Andrew McCutchen
90 Joey Votto
95 Kerry Wood
100 Paul Konerko
138 Ryan Braun/Prince Fielder (Pride of NL)
140 Max Scherzer
160 Mark Buehrle
186 Joe Mauer
193 Starlin Castro
194 Francisco Cordero
207 Mike Trout
211 Freddie Freeman
218 Justin Verlander/Jose Valverde
222 Chicago Cubs
223 Addison Reed
246 Felix Hernandez 
276 Ryan Braun
278 Jhonny Peralta
279 Matt Kemp
285 Adrian Gonzalez
320 Zack Greinke
327 Rick Porcello 
365 Jose Valverde
366 Dustin Ackley
393 Brandon Beachy
406 Al Alburquerque
422 Dusty Baker
476 Prince Fielder


  1. Thanks for the kind words. As far as your end, don't go buying packs for MY needs (unless you're just looking for an excuse to bust some more wax ;)

  2. just sent you an email. great blog! definitely love the '12 Heritage set.

  3. Ross: Not to worry. I had two goals in mind and was pleased to see that I found a few more for you.

    Backstop: Thanks! Sent you e-mails earlier in response. Looking forward to dealing.


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