Kimball Champions: Revisited

The idea of a miniature baseball card, I must admit, never much appealed to me in my collecting youth. But after my return to the hobby earlier this year, Kimball Champions soon arrived and I was hooked.
I had found my mini-set to collect.

Sure, most folks go on and on about the 1987 minis in the latest base offering, and sure they're pretty nice - especially the Reds, Tigers and Cubs in that insert set - but I was out of the hobby long before 1987 and have no personal connection to it or the reincarnation.

Besides, I need to focus and I'm honing in on finishing the Kimballs. Here's what I still need:

96, 101, 104, 107, 141, 147, 149

If you find yourself with any of these strays, please let me know. Recently, Mark - the Cynical Buddha of Collector's Crack fame sent me Kimball Danny Duffy in a larger trade package I hope to mention soon. Thanks Mark!

While I know some have complained that the Kimball card stock is not thick enough, it works fine for me. Mostly, I'm drawn to the art - both the close-up and the action down low.

Wouldn't you love to be the person who helps Potch complete his first insert set ever? I mean, can you imagine the glory and fame (and special blog post) that would come with that!?

Not really my problem, fella, but good luck all the same. Besides, methinks you're exaggerating about the glory and fame.

Here's how a page looks, almost completed, in a binder. Pretty, I think. One of those slots is filled now, but #96 eludes me to this day.


Oh, you're still here? Well, in that case, allow me to direct you to this post and ask you kindly to vote in the latest Fun-Time Hall of Fame poll - currently featuring the Cleveland Indians of yore. Thanks!

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