ebay: Are You Experienced?

I've read plenty of comments and posts over the past year about the, ahem, thrills of selling on ebay. I've made passing note of them but never had any desire to do so myself, so I didn't pay a lot of attention.

But now I'm considering throwing some cards up there and giving it a whirl. I guess, what I'm wondering, is just how difficult it is to get started doing this. I thought I'd ask here before taking a deeper look at the site and trying to figure it out.

You see, today I pulled a very nice card - certainly the best one I've ever opened in a random pack - and I'm toying with the idea of selling it. I'll feature the card later today or perhaps tomorrow - or possibly even Monday depending on how busy Easter gets for me. Normally I'd never consider selling such a card - but I just might with this one for various reasons.

I would post it here now but I haven't had a chance to scan it.

Stay tuned, but any helpful ebay comments would be great.


  1. It's really not that hard getting started with eBay selling. I've done it off and on for 10 years, and the most time you really spend doing it is creating the listing. The more detail you can provide on the listing, the better.

  2. I've been selling on ebay for 20+ years. It's not hard to get started. Creating a listing takes a little time at first, but you'll get your style figured out and it will go quickly after you've done a few. Worst part of ebay is paying fees to sell and paying fees to receive payment through paypal which is the only way ebay allows you to accept payment.

  3. Good advice above. Ditto. One thing I'll add: it's important to have a decent rating. If you've been buying and already have some feedback, that should help. But it looks sketchy if a seller has no feedback rating at all. I only mention this because sometimes I get crazy good deals on cards from sellers who have no or very few ratings, under 50. These early sellers get a lot less bidding, it seems. So, if you have something really nice to sell, and not much of a rating, start out your price at what you'd be comfortable selling it for, rather than starting low and hoping for bidding.

  4. Get a good scanner and take a few minutes cropping and editing your scans. If you're like me, you look past auctions with crappy cell phone images or terrible scans.
    I would also list as a 7-day auction. Start the bidding low, as low as you can handle going (you think it's worth more than it really is in most cases). Auctions get people excited to 'win'.


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