Topps Giveaway, Part II

Yesterday I presented the one card from the Topps Diamond Giveaway that I didn't much care about receiving - other than it being vintage. And, as it turned out, the card didn't look so hot upon arrival.

But, the rest of the haul was highly satisfactory. I snagged a few missing cards from my team collections - Reds, Tigers and Cubs - and I went deep into the vintage well (more on that tomorrow).

For now, here's what I received from the years 1975 and prior - along with a single 1982 (the newest card from my haul). Here's that one:
My family attended a game once where Mario Soto relieved Bruce Berenyi in the first inning. Soto then went on to pitch a gem. I don't remember all of the details - and I should go do some research - but I do know that years later I was chatting with a co-worker while living in Ohio and I discovered he had attended the same game with his family.

Soto was always a favorite of mine after that game.

Next up, Gary Nolan.
I love this card. It's posed, it's borderline cheesy, the colors clash - yet I love it. Perhaps those are the reasons why I love it.

What else?

Don Gullet seems scared. Perhaps he knew he'd one day end up on the Yankees.
I know that Dan Driessen played 3B but I can only picture him as a 1B.
Andre Thornton was one of those guys I liked as a kid. I only knew him as an Indian by the time I really started collecting but snagging a card of him on the Cubs was a goal.
Next up: My favorite two cards from the giveaway.

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