Hit The Road, Potch

Does anyone know of any decent baseball card shops or regular card shows in Louisville, Nashville, Birmingham, Hattiesburg, MS or, finally, New Orleans?

For that matter, does anyone know of any great flea markets/antique malls along this route known to have cards in stock? I realize I won't be hitting gem mint tobacco-era cards at these - but it might be fun to stop by one. Last year I popped into an antique mall in Georgia and was able to fill up a 500-count box with some cards that were new to me - albeit lots of '90s stuff - for $4.

Yep, I'm taking the Potch Wheeler show on the road very soon for a work trip and an extra day of R&R in the Big Easy. I'm a little burnt out on flying at the moment. Sadly, my family can't make this trip so who knows what kind of chaos will ensue down there.

Only kidding. We got engaged there eight years ago this month - down by the Mississippi River near the French Quarter. I'll probably just go down there to the spot and re-enact the awkwardness.

In other blog news, I'm convinced nobody cares about the Padres. Worst. Voting turnout. Ever. (so far...)

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