Topps Giveaway, First The Bad News

After three weeks, my shipment from the Topps diamond extravaganza arrived in today's mail.

I'm pleased with seven of the eight cards I received. Thankfully, it's the seven cards I truly wanted.

Soon before requesting shipment, I landed one other card - a 1970 Lew Krausse - and after a couple of attempts to deal it for a Red, Tiger, Cub or White Sock, I gave up and had it shipped. After I read the player was once suspended for "rowdyism" by Charlie Finley, I figured he was worthy of a place in my collection.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, the card looks like crud.

It appears to have been folded in half at one point. It has four other significant creases and half of it apparently fell into a bathtub at one point.

Very little of this appears to show on the scan, other than the whopper across the middle, so you'll have to trust my description.
Lew Krausse Jr. pitched from 1961 to 1974 for the KC/Oakland A's, Brewers, Red Sox, Cardinals and Braves. He finished his career 68-91, 4.00 ERA, with 721 strikeouts. His father, Lew Krausse Sr., pitched for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1931-32.
Oh well, as I believe Mr. Meat Loaf once said, seven out of eight ain't bad. I'll post the magnificent seven pretty soon.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't refer you over to the latest post about my pet project and then ask you to vote in the poll. Many thanks!


  1. My guess is that the Krausse card wouldn't look too bad by the dashboard lights.


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