Nominate Your Padres: Fun-Time Baseball Hall

As voting winds down for the Orioles, it's time to solicit nominations for our next featured team: the San Diego Padres.

If you'd like to nominate a Padre (or several) to possibly be placed on the first-year ballot for the franchise, please leave a comment with the name or names.

Tony Gwynn, anyone. 

Remember that the Fun-Time Hall will feature each franchise in 2012 and the number of first-year inductees is based on the age of the franchise. I've spelled out these rules many times before so I'll skip doing so this round.

Meanwhile, if you haven't done so, be sure to get in your votes for the Orioles after taking a peak at this post. Thanks for voting!


  1. Randy Jones
    Gene Tenace
    Alan Wiggins
    Trevor Hoffman
    Dave Dravecky
    Eric Show

  2. The Lost Collector & Kyle4KC covered most of the greats... here are a few others:

    Adrian Gonzalez
    Bip Roberts
    Ken Caminiti
    Ryan Klesco
    Gary Templeton
    Gaylord Perry
    Bruce Hurst

  3. well lets see....
    garvey just cause its the garv
    jeff da vannon cause he was there the 1st go round
    cito gasten cuz hes AWE some
    and finally dravecky thats my list

  4. I missed this one, but I have a couple even though the Padres have been mostly forgettable.

    Andy Benes
    Randy Jones
    Ed Whitson
    Benito Santiago
    Tony Gwynn (of course)
    Dave Winfield


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