The Fun-Time Baseball Hall: Nominees For Tigers, Reds Sought

The Hall of Fame news today, and a recent post from White Sox Cards, have led me to undertake a new venture on this here blog. I shall call it the "The Hall of Potch" or "The Potch Hall of Fame" or if anyone has a more creative name - and that shant be hard - please include in the comments.

In short, I'd like to solicit Hall votes from the sports card blogosphere. I will choose a team, solicit Hall nominees from said team and then feature short write-ups about the nominees - followed by a voting period. This is about baseball and baseball-related activities (announcing, for example). For each team's first ballot, the Potch Hall will induct the top 5 vote getters; then (six months later) another 5, then six months later, those getting 75% of the vote will be inducted. At that point, it will be an annual event.

NOTE: I'm still considering how to handle this for expansion teams. The induction process will be drastically different for these relatively new teams and they'll be combined in some form as well.

Please nominate players in the comments. Players must have been away from said team for at least five years. Players can include anyone from the team in question's long history.

To start, I'm seeking nominees for the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds. I realize that there are some obvious names you might not want to run through (Cobb, Bench, etc.) so don't necessarily worry about naming everyone. Those big names will obviously make the ballot. But, if there's a player you think might be lesser known/unsung, feel free to name that player.

Mainly, I thought this project would prompt me to look up some details - and learn more - about the great players to suit up for my favorite baseball teams - and perhaps my not-so-favorites. It's a labour of love, as UB40 might say, thus I apologize if this is something others have done before me. Please consider it flattery.

More will follow about the voting process once we have a slate of nominees.  


  1. I won't mention the HOFers that already exist. Those are a given. here is who I'll nominate:

    Tigers - Big Daddy
    Reds - Paul O'Neill

  2. Fidrych

  3. Reds - George Foster
    Tigers - Sparky Anderson, Denny McClain

  4. Eric Davis (technically for both, but he's THE Red in my book)
    Tom Browning
    Lance Parrish
    Alan Trammell

    (can you tell I was a child of the 80s)

    Oh and don't forget "Wahoo" Sam Crawford who sued the Reds in order to go to the Tigers.


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