See Ya, Latos: My New Favorite Red!

Send me your Mat Latos's'es's (Lati?) cards!

Just picked up a Yonder Alonso auto - despite knowing he might not be a Red for long. Oh well, I still dig it and will root for him.

Latos, however, is awesome and I think has a strong chance of being dominating for years (despite the hitter-friendly park).

I had grown weary of Edinson Volquez, as well.

In short, a lot to give up but I'm a fan of the deal for Cincinnati. Yay!



  1. Well there goes the Seth Smith for Volquez trade I was wanting to happen. Nice pick up for the Reds. He should put you over the top in the weakened Central.

  2. I've got an extra Latos manupatch that's yours if you want it (plus, I'm sure I can throw in some other cards to keep the manupatch company during his trip to you.)
    Let me know where to send it.


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