Fantasy Basketball: Owner(s) Needed

I run a couple of fun, free fantasy basketball leagues - each entering Year Three. We are recruiting an owner in each league. One is a very casual group - 14 teams, 14 keepers; the other is somewhat more hardcore - 16 teams, 16 keepers.

If you've played fantasy sports and are always frustrated by the owner turnover, dormant teams, etc. then never fear. I worked hard to recruit active owners and if anyone ever falls off the radar, well, they're replaced. I really work hard to keep things competitive.

Here's the league's link to the more laidback group

Here's the somewhat more intense group

I'll have a chat box open soon in the second league to allow owners to chat as needed.

If you join, you may end up inheriting a rebuilding effort if you're up for the challenge. Or, you may get a pretty solid team, depending on how it shakes down. If you're not up for a possible rebuild, then it's probably not for you. Just letting you know.

So, if fantasy basketball speaks to you and you'll be active on a near-daily basis, then let me know. Thanks.


  1. I am really into fantasy sports. I play fantasy baseball, football, and hockey. I have never tried basketball yet. I am interested in the more laid back league. Thanks.

  2. I would take one of each if I could. I would like to tackle one of them as a rebuild. Send me an email to thoughtsandsox at yahoo dot com.

    I do all my fantasy team stuff through that email.


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