Contest Winners Revealed

Randomization is done. I apologize as I attempted to do a full screen capture but it would only let me scroll down so far on the screen so I could not get the time stamp.

You'll have to trust that I'm presenting these in order of randomization.

I truly hope I have not violated some cardinal rule of contest blogs. I thought about starting over but I just felt it was better to go with what came up the first three times rather than start over.

But, as random would have it, I'm in the middle of preparing thank you posts involving two of the four winners.

So here we go. And, as previously announced, the third time is the charm.

Here's the first random:

Here's #2:

And, finally, the winning randomization:

Thanks to everyone who entered this much-delayed first contest celebrating my 100th post a month ago.

Congrats to Robert! Congrats to Hackenbush! Congrats to A2 Wolverine! Congrats to Jeff Laws!

#1 - first choice goes to Robert 
#2 - second choice goes to Hackenbush
#3 - third choice goes to A2 Wolverine
#4 - fourth choice goes to Jeff Laws
#5 - Robert gets to choose another prize
#6 - Hackenbush
#7 - A2 Wolverine
#8 - Jeff Laws

Trading of picks or prizes is allowed. Both parties should notify me though. Taking into account the holidays, I hope to have this wrapped up with prizes going out a week from today.

Below are the prize choices. As you can see, I picked up a few mini and/or traded sets recently.

1. Signed 8x10 of the somewhat troubled Dwayne Jarrett. I won this at The National in August.

2. Leon Durham autographed card. Back in August I wrote about how several players, including Durham, signed a couple of cards for me at The National. Sorry I didn't get this certified or anything.
3. 1989 Fleer record-breakers from the below year (full set)

CLAIMED BY HACKENBUSH 4. The below card set from the 2011 National

CLAIMED BY A2WOLVERINE 5. Michael Pineda, Heritage (numbered to 300). This card was only available as a redemption giveaway at The National in Chicago in August. Bonus: It was touched by a Topps official representative - who handed it to yours truly. What? That's not a bonus? Well, it happened.

6. Complete set of 1987 (the wood grains) Topps minis (77 cards)

7. Fleer 1987 All-Stars (full set). Here's a sample...

8. Complete set Kmart Dream Team.

9. Fleer 1989 Update set (regular size).

CLAIMED BY JEFF 10. Choice of three relics from this modest grouping (if three are taken, the other three cannot be selected, sorry)

CLAIMED BY ROBERT 11. The lovely 2008 UD Masterpieces featured here two posts ago. This prize will include 65 cards of the 90-card base set. A nice starter set for anyone who missed these great cards.

12. Set of 1986 Fleer Minis

13. Set of 1987 Fleer Minis

14. Auto racing card set distributed at The National. For some reason, mine included 9 of the 10 card set but not card #1. Be advised

15. 1987 Fleer Baseball Award Winners Set

16. 1987 Fleer Baseball All Stars

17. 15 minis from my available GQ and Allen&Ginter 2011 lists

Gypsy Queen minis
23 - Johnny Cueto
114 - Chris Coghlan
117 - Dallas Braden
122 - Derrek Lee
124 - JJ Hardy
129 - Aaron Hill
135 - Ryan Dempster
137 - Ricky Romero
146 - Melky Cabrera (red back)
169 - Orlando Hudson
173 - Adam Dunn
183 - Rafael Furcal
189 - Mike Aviles (red back)
193 - Carlos Beltran
195 - Bronson Arroyo (red back)
220 - Tyler Colvin
222 - Heath Bell
224 - Drew Stubbs
227 - Cameron Maybin
241 - Brian Roberts
267 - Jake Arrieta (red back)
281 - Juan Pierre
299 - Andruw Jones
319 - Elvis Andrus
346 - Shane Victorino
347 - Konrad Schmidt

Allen & Ginter 2011 Minis
279 (black parallel)

18. Skip selecting a prize and instead claim two additional entries for my next contest, planned for my one-year anniversary in February.

19. 1988 Fleer Baseball Superstars set


  1. I'd like #5 if the others don't pick it. He'll be going into my pc.

  2. #11, #10, #7 and #18. In that order. I picked 4 since I'm last so if someone else takes one you can go to the next. I'll keep checking back in case I need to pick something else.

    Thanks for the contest.

  3. I will take #11 to start, it gives me an opportunity to start another set...thank you Potch!

  4. I'd also like #17 if it goes unclaimed or the Tomlin auto if they go unclaimed.

  5. I'll take #4, the rich men in nice suits set. Thanks :)

  6. Potch, I'd like the minis in #17, but I only want 2 of them, the 2 Jays (Hill and Romero)...maybe someone else could get the other 13? Thank you..

  7. I'll take the rest of the minis (# 17)robert doesn't want in that case.


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