My First Lineage Experience

Because I can't stand to be left on the sidelines, I picked up some Lineage last night at the local Wal-Mart while buying coloring supplies for my daughter. Or is it that I picked up coloring supplies for my daughter while at the local Wal-Mart buying baseball cards? I can never remember.

I have mixed feelings about these cards.

I love the mini-75s and managed to snag a whopping one in two rack packs.
As for the rest, well by nature I tend to love looking at any new card set. It's in my blood. The thrill isn't gone yet. I imagine everyone has seen the backs posted on other blogs by now. I don't understand why so many of these sets can't just stick with the stats.

For now, I'm thinking I'll just pick up some Reds and Tigers, other players I collect, various cards of the legends and then call it a day. Hope to eventually land Andre Dawson, Joey Votto, Frank Thomas - probably some other PCs I'm missing.

As for last night's purchases, no Tigers in the two rack packs but a few Reds!

Here are some of my favorites:

Jay Bruce
Johnny Bench
A Shiny Guy That I Collect
I must lean old school because these legends on cards just look better to me than the whippersnappers. I was pleased to pull:

Cal Ripken Jr. (The trophy does it for me.)
Sandy Koufax (this one too, cannot argue with snagging any Koufax)
Whitey Ford (nice action shot - take my word for it)
Walter Johnson (Big Train! Still love that nick.)
Jackie Robinson (always nice, although I'm about to send him away in a deal for the beloved Al Kaline)
Mickey Mantle (yeah, overkill, but I truly love this card!)
Meanwhile, here are some more Lineage cards for your viewing pleasure. All are up for trade. I'm setting aside Dunn for Jeff and Helton for Johnny until I hear otherwise. Enjoy!


  1. I don't know why they chose to use the Brooklyn pictures of Sandy but I like them. I agree with you about the legends.

  2. Out of all the Lineage reviews I've read lately, most of the cards don't catch my eye too much. But that Murray you lead off the post with is sweet!!

    Oh yeah, the Koufax is nice too.

  3. Hackenbush: I really like them too!

    Wes: The Kimbrell is for you.

    DK: It really is a nice card. I'm considering chasing down those '75s. Meanwhile, I have so little of anything Koufax that it's hard not to love it.


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