Heritage Collection: A Love That Grows

Topps released the Heritage '11 set months ago, yet my feelings for it are only now fully formed.

As a card hobbyist reborn earlier this year, Heritage '11 was my first exposure to this throwback set. Clearly the set is made tailored for guys like me - old schoolers at heart.

Still, I was indifferent about Heritage '11 when it first arrived. I'm not exactly sure why, I just know I sent scores of the cards out in trades, figuring I'd just go for the Reds, Tigers, Cubs and a few favorite players.

But as the year wore on, I found myself returning to my Heritage cards. I kept looking at them, appreciating them. Take a look at a sampling, if you would.
Any Frank Robinson as a Red is a great card to me. The inserts overall are quite nice.
I just love the pose and the black parallel Target works particularly well here. This one is up for all of the goths who seem to now be visiting my site. Hello Goths!
Wasn't in the card market for Strasburg mania last year but I do enjoy the classic pose here.
Wistful about his short print status, I'm guessing. Lucky son of a gun.
And so, like many others, I'm working to complete 2011 Heritage. I have needs, of course, and no doubt the short prints will be the bane of my grand set completion plans but I'm committed to staying the course.
Cy Verlander. A rare short print I managed to land in packs.

The All-Star cards look spectacular.
Hey, I think I just found my new collecting focus - alliterative cards!
So, I'll work eBay as needed to complete Heritage '11but consider this a request for help. My Heritage needs are updated - as are my other pages, I'm pretty sure.



  1. Where is your want list I have a extras and would like to help you can email me at crawfordjim41@yahoo.com

  2. Sorry I found your want list I have the following cards from your list
    NF 1,5,6
    BF 2,6,7
    TN 7,10
    NAP 7,8,11,13

    I need 449 and 459 off your available list let me know if you want to make this trade.



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