Junk Sale, Part Two

The entire point of this post is to help you help me get rid of cards I don't want. I don't necessarily have anything spectacular, hence "junk" sale, but if you're looking to build a collection from your favorite team or teams, then send me a note.

Take a look at this post if you'd like a little more detail.

I had takers the first go-round for the Phillies, Dodgers, Cardinals, Blue Jays - Braves are a little light now - but I have several dozen cards of most of the other teams that I'd like to ship out.

I'm not seeking much of anything in return - a card or two, should you have them, from my want(s) that are posted on the left side of my home page - or feel free to send me your excess Reds or a couple of Cubs or Tigers (both pre-'84) or White Sox ('00 to '05) or suggest a card from my stated player collections. I'm not terribly picky - especially as you'd be helping me clear space.

And, if you'd like to expand the deal to include cards beyond "junk" feel free to make some suggestions. I'm a voracious trader.

This card has nothing to do with this post really. Happy Birthday Mr. Yaz!

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  1. I'll take any Angels, and send you some stuff in return.


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