Mr. Tiger: Come on Down!

Al Kaline signed autographs at The National last Sunday. Al Kaline is one of my top three favorite players of all time. I took a pass on meeting Al Kaline.

It was an easy call, as it turns out. I wasn't there. I attended the big event Wednesday night through Saturday, then took off to meet family for some Indianaland family fun.

I was relieved really. Mr. Tiger charged $80 for one item. I know it's a fair price for a beloved Hall of Famer in the autograph economy, but that's just too steep for me no matter how I feel about a guy. 

But I did snag a couple of Kaline cards, including #3 from my Nine Most Wanted - this '65 beauty.
I had been waiting and waiting and waiting (three times for emphasis!) for the right '65 Kaline and the right price and after returning to a booth operated by a couple of kindly Detroit gents, I was able to score, for one low price, not just the '65 Kaline but these too...
...for a grand total of $15. I bought them Saturday afternoon. Two days earlier I was quoted a $30 price for the '65 Kaline alone. Frankly, it seemed fairly reasonable to me at the time. But I respectively declined at that time.

Now, back to the subject of autographs, if you read my posts while attending the event, you know I did walk away from the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center with a handful of signatures.

"Free" with my gifted Super VIP pass, I couldn't pass up meeting a couple of mini-faves from my youth and, later, I was persuaded by friends met at the show to stand with them and get a few more - including several of a couple of the same players. Some family and friends claimed a couple of these dupes. Some bloggers have asked and are owed a few others. 

Here's a look at them:

...oh, on second thought, I'll save them for some weekend posting. Stay tuned.


  1. Nice teaser there at the end.

    I admire you for walking away from the Kaline opportuntiy on Sunday. That shows a lot of strength, self control and clearly indicates the priority that family has in your life. Well done, Mr. DW.

    NOW - on to your take from the convention -

    AWESOME. Nothing would make me feel better than to be patient on a beautiful vintage of a Hall of Famer and then, in the end, be rewarded with siad card for HALF of the initial offering PLUS 3 other vintage greats.

    Well played, sir.

    Stay tuned, indeed!

  2. He signs anywhere from 50-60 for one item in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area. Luckily I traded a guy who got a stack of kaline autos when he came through for a Ryan Perry auto.

  3. Thanks Ryan.

    It's off-center of course, which is probably why he came down so much, but works for me. Great corners, sharp colors otherwise.

    Wolverine: Nice trade! At $50, for Al Kaline signing in person, I'd have to do it.

  4. That Kaline card is a great score. Congrats!
    & yes, good cliff-hanger at the end of the post.


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