Football Common Reminder Plus Trade Post

...and the trades just keep on rollin'. In hopes of clearing out as many trades - sometimes just sending cards - before I pack up my cards for the move, I've sent 20 packages out in the past 7 days. I really enjoy trading.

But before I get to one small trade, for the three gents who requested my '79-'83 football cards, thanks for helping me clear out room. These aren't the best cards, as I mentioned, but hopefully everyone is getting a few they're happy to get. And, your team claim puts you at the top for those teams if I decide later to purge more of the gridiron collection - which will mean better condition cards and more star players.

Now, for the deal, The Lost Collector sent along a handful of assorted cards for my team collections. AJ's blog is just great and we've arranged a few deals in just three months. We're to the point now, I think, that when one of us gets a mailer, the other knows it's our turn - rather than the traditional trade modus operandi.

Thanks yet again, AJ. Slade and hopefully more will be on the way before long.

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