Football Cards Must Go

If you can answer "yes" to any or some of the following, then you're possibly in luck.

Do you collect football cards from the '79 to '83 era?
Are you looking for set fillers from those years?
Are you looking for team set fillers?

I collected football cards as a kid but haven't since the '83 set. I've already separated the Steelers - my lifelong team of choice. I also set aside some of my favorite cards from the era.

Here's the thing: If you read my blog, you know that we're about to move from our house. It sold.

Congrats Potch!

Hey, thanks. It was a long haul but we're relocating to be near family so our little one has that more strongly in her life.

Wow, you're a family man? Who would've guessed? You struck me as a real meatball who doesn't care about anything but himself.

Hey, you're getting me off track.

Sorry, but you strike me as a bit of a narcissist. You've taken to writing about yourself in the third person in recent posts. I hate that.

No worries.

Anyway, so this is a shot in the dark but I'd love to send a good 100 to 150 football cards packing. I don't need anything in return. Then, the remainder will fit nicely in the box I've reserved for them.

No, I don't want to get a bigger box. 
This is not a football card but the Big Hurt, not surprisingly, played the game at Auburn U.
So, if anyone would like some from a particular year, team or teams, let me know in the next day or so. Thanks!


  1. Me! Pick me! OOOOH!!!! Me!

    I'd love to take the Cowboys at the very least.

  2. I would love the Chicago Bears (I do a bit of autographing in the Chicago area), and/or my favorite team, the NY Giants.


  3. I'd take any Colts cards you would like to get rid of.

  4. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that there's no rookie (and that's fine), but if you've got '82 or '83 Joe Montana, I'd be up for those, and willing to trade. He's the only guy active in those years that I collect, and who isn't on the Steelers or the Bears (both of which are claimed).

  5. Thanks guys. I'll set aside cards from these teams and plan to get them out as soon as I get your addresses. (I have yours, Jeff.)

    Please send me your addresses, Mr. Canuck and Mr. Arfmax. (dw.reds@gmail.com)

    Gents: Like I mentioned, these are mostly set fillers - commons in other words. And, because of the condition of a few of them (I think ones picked up years ago from my cousin), I'll do my best to pull from my non-common box and add a few "name players" to each team.

    Captain C: Are your other wants updated? 09 O-Pee-Chee, 08 Masterpieces, 76 Topps? I should be able to pull some cards, assuming your wants are current. Thanks.

    Everyone: I'm giving thought to a wider dispersion of my football cards in the near future - my "A" box, if you will. If I do, I'm reserving your teams mentioned here.

    Arfmax, if I do that, I'd split your cards between Bears and Giants.

    As for what I'm currently doing, Arfmax, the Bears in this group are thin as I completely forgot about giving a bunch away to the neighbor kid (I live in the heart of Bears country, like you.) I have a bunch of Giants though.

    Oh, and Scott, yeah, not ready to part with my Montanas from those years just yet. But I'm making a note of your request. That stance may very well change soon.

    Thanks guys.


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