Contest! My Blog Name! Need Lady Cards! Exclamation Points!

Trading friend Ryan G. over at This Card Is Cool is running a cool contest. Take a look:


I enjoy Ryan's blog a lot - so much so I "borrowed" his backdrop, I later realized. Speaking of my blog, I've given thought since I started it to changing the name entirely. The name I picked on a whim one night was suggested by my lovely wife - sort of an inside joke. She didn't think I was going with it but I typed it in there to crack her up and voila!

What do you think? Change it to something reflecting my collecting interests or Midwest location or something playing off my other interests (literature, running, history).

Speaking of history (wow, I'm really stream of conscious this morning) can anyone suggest a set that has a lot of history cards (presidential, perhaps) or where I could go to find cards depicting women who have achieved in some (any) field? The latter would be to set aside for my daughter for when she's a bit older. If anyone has such cards they don't want, let me know.

I grabbed these guys (below) at the LCS the other day and it got me thinking along these lines.


  1. Personally, I like the name. I don't know what it means, but I know who you are and to always checko out your posts when I see your name on a blogroll. While it's obscure, you're known as Potch (or D) and I think it has gained traction. It stands out.

    Also, I'd recommend 2008 Topps American Heritage. Diverse checklist of authors, presidents, etc. I know at least Emily Dickenson and Amelia Earhart are in it, amongst others.

  2. Keep the name. On occasion Topps A&G have featured females.

    There was the 1994 Ted Williams card set that featured a few women from the AAGPBL. More card info can be found here.

  3. I say keep the name, too.

    Topps Heritage American Heroes from 2009, which was a set recognizing politicians, inventors, writers, explorers, etc., featured several famous women.

  4. I never noticed you had the same backdrop as me, probably because I rely on Google Reader so much.

    I like your blog name. Maybe someday you'll tell us what it's all about, or maybe you have and I missed that post. I've thought of changing my blog name too, since it's not as catchy and creative as I'd like.

  5. No need to change your unique moniker. We know who you are and where to get our Potch fix. If anything, drop the Cardboard Heroes part.

  6. Thanks for all of the great comments already - and for the information about historical and/or female achiever cards. I'll be looking into the suggested sets - or at least chasing those types of cards.

    As for the name, nice to hear this feedback. I guess Potch Wheeler has gained traction. Perhaps there's no turning back now.

    SMG: That's a thought. The irony here is that I've always disliked the use of "heroes" when applied to athletes and certain others. I suppose that irony amuses me, however, so I might just keep it - at least for awhile.


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