Diamond Giveaway: Am I Missing Something?

Through the Topps Diamond Giveaway site, I continue to receive offers of cards like this:
For one of these:

Clearly I'm behind the game here but not only do I think the diamond die cuts are not particularly appealing to the eye, I'm not about to deal vintage cards like these for shiny new goofiness. What gives?

I will however deal my '73 Terry Forster, '76 Pete Varney, '77 Bruce Kison, '78 Rico Carty or '99 Andres Galaragga if I ever get same year/earlier year offers involving Reds, Tigers or Cubs I need.  


  1. I think the Diamond Die Cuts are fairly rare. I keep getting offers with vintage I'm not overly interested in and I immediately say no. If I am offered a sweet Yankees card from the '50s, but when it's a team I don't care for, I'm keeping the die-cut.

  2. Ah, so I am missing something - rarity. I guess I could have looked that up. I guess I didn't think they were rare since I keep getting offers involving them.

    I'm a little behind lately.

  3. I believe there is some kind of reward if you collect a complete set of them. You get something extra special. Also the Black Diamond Cuts get you free shipping on the rest of your cards.

    I traded the Die Cut that I got with a code into a 1958 and 44 other cards. Without entering another code by trading those 44 other cards I am up to 43 cards with 26 of them being pre 1980.

  4. I've been ignoring the people offering vintage cards for the Die Cuts. There seem to be only a few hundred of each die cut card available when I look, but any vintage common should be relatively easy to find if you're not going to get hung up on condition.

  5. Yup, they're rare and some go for a tidy amount on ebay.

    I've got two diecuts in my possession and they're kind of nice. Meanwhile, the other 2 that I still have not redeemed, receive crazy offers every day.

  6. I was going for the six Jays cards they included in the die-cut set and traded for five and bought one on eBay (cheap). It came yesterday and I'm pretty impressed. They have a nice refractor-y quality to them and the diamond above the player's head shines real nice. Oh they're about as thick as your average relic card too.

  7. Personally I wold rather have a vintage Red Six common than a new card with a print run of 100.


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