Cool Cards From Things Are Funner Here

Trading friend Julie over at Things Are Funner Here surprised me with a collection of Reds and Tigers to complete our second deal. Julie went above and beyond the call here. She included a couple of dozen swell cards. I just have time right now to show off a pair.
Adam Dunn seems like such a throwback player. This card suits him well.
I have no idea yet what set this is from but it's another card I think is cool and Miguel Cabrera is a favorite of mine. I love unique cards such as this.

Thanks Julie for the extras. If anyone has found their way to Julie's blog, take a look. She always has something interesting to say and it's fun to stop by.


  1. The Cabrera is from 2009 Topps Update Propaganda, which reminds me more of SF-area park posters than WW2 propaganda posters.

  2. Glad you liked the cards! I look forward to trading again :-)


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